Stop smoking services

There’s lots of support available to people who want to stop smoking.

Regional / local stop smoking services

There are Stop Smoking Service providers located throughout New Zealand, and they can help you on your quit journey. Your local service will be able to work with you to create your quit plan, with free and flexible support. You can access your local stop smoking service through the links below. 


North Island South Island


Bay of Plenty Marlborough
Gisborne Nelson
Hawkes Bay South Canterbury


  • Taupo
  • Rotorua
  • Turangi



  • Horowhenua
  • Manawatu
  • Palmerston North
  • Tararua
  • Otaki
West Coast


Support from Quitline can help you stop smoking with a personalised quit smoking plan.

  • Call Quitline free on 0800 778 778. Quit Advisors work with people to make a plan. People who use Quitline's services and support are five times more likely to successfully quit than those who try to quit alone.
  • At Quitline's website at people can see how much money they are saving by quitting - there's a 'Quit Stats' tool.
  • Join Quitline's blog community for 24 hour support from people who are going through just the same trials.
  • Quitline has Facebook page at
  • Register by phone or online for the Txt2Quit service and get sent texts to motivate you as you quit. To register: text QUIT to 4006. 
  • 24/7 support for both phone and Txt2Quit services.
  • Nicotine patches, gum and lozenges can double someone's chances of successfully quitting. They are $5 each when you order them from Quitline by phone or online. The team can also give advice on other stop smoking medication options.

Homecare Medical runs Quitline and a range of national telehealth health and mental health and addictions services.

Page last updated: 5 May 2017