Information on HPA's Tobacco Control Seminar Series.

Tobacco Control Seminars/Webinars 

The Health Promotion Agency facilitates regional seminars and webinars to provide an opportunity for the smokefree sector to hear about new projects, national directions, and ongoing developments in tobacco control. These seminars are open to anyone contributing to the Smokefree 2025 goal.

Upcoming seminars

Auckland – Wednesday 17 May, at Sorrento in the Park
Palmerston North – Wednesday 7 June, Orlando Country Club
Christchurch – Tuesday 20 June, The George

More information will be coming soon on programmes and registration.

Presentations - Wellington Tobacco Control Seminar/Webinar, 16 June 2016

Presenter Topic and Presentation
Ministry of Health
Jane Chambers
Update on Ministry of Health's work programme
Ministry of Health
Leigh Sturgiss
Tobacco Control Services Realignment
Ministry of Health
Matthew Everett
Standardised Tobacco Products and Packaging Draft Regulations
University of Otago
George Thomson
Ideas for Smokefree Local Authorities
Wellington City Council
Nigel Taptiklis and Georgina Freeman
Smokefree Environments: The Capital Experience

Presentations - Wellington Tobacco Control Seminar/Webinar, 8 June 2016

Presenter Topic and Presentation
Health Promotion Agency
Kath Blair
Update from the Health Promotion Agency's Tobacco Control programme
Health Promotion Agency
Greg Martin
Update from HPA Research
Homecare Medical
Dylan Norton
Quitline: A Platform for the Future
Inspiring Ltd
Merata Snedden
National Training Alliance
Professor Richard Edwards
ASPIRE2025: Research Update

Previous seminar content

Please click on the links to see the previous programmes - Hawkes Bay (13 May 2015), Auckland (18 March 2015), and Dunedin (11 November 2014). Previous presentations are also listed below.

Powerpoint presentations from previous seminars.

Video highlights of the HPA seminar Series 2014/15

Dr Hayden McRobbie.mp4 from Health Promotion Agency on Vimeo.

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