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Mason Ngawhika
Auckland - Henderson
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Goals and objectives

To create a suite of short videos that rangatahi can share via their social media networks to raise awareness of the harms from exposure to tobacco smoking.

Target audience

Māori rangatahi and other interested rangatahi with a passion for social media and making a positive difference within their communities.

Project fit with 2025 aims

It is expected that utilising a ‘Vibes Video’ 6 second format will appeal to young people because:

  • Vine has the potential to spread fast
  • Great for engaging young people
  • Young people need to filter large amounts of information on a daily basis therefore a quick 6 second message will more likely be viewed.

We hope that these videos will be spread far and wide and connect to rangatahi to plant the seed and to consider not being a smoker.

What happened

Our partner agreed to construct 10 vines videos all having an anti-smoking message.


Young mothers who are members of the ‘Super 10 Netball Club’. The Problem Gambling team based at Hapai Te Hauora.

Key outcomes

Rangatahi increasing their awareness of the harms caused by exposure to tobacco smoking and be less keen to take up that practice.

Key learnings

What worked

It was always the expectation that the ‘Super 10 Netball Club’ would be left to design and develop their own videos without too much interference and for the most part this happened.

However there were some technological difficulties- being able to rip the videos captured on a Vines app, to be used for other kaupapa. We decided not to use the Vines App, which meant that some participants had to redo their video. Because we did not use Vines app, we were not restricted to 6 second video and therefore some of the video were longer than 6 seconds.

We also felt that the video looked a bit too raw and therefore decided to edit them to make them look tidier without looking too professional.

What could be done differently

If there was a larger budget, we could have spent more time story boarding and aligning each story with one particular theme. The vines videos did come across slightly random and disjointed.

In retrospect the Super 10 netball team may have needed more guidance; however what was produced was definitely raw, fresh and real.

Additional information

It was great to have a diverse approach from people who have nothing to do with the tobacco control sector.

Project material


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