Stop Before You Start

A campaign that highlights the health and social impacts of smoking and asks young adults to think about their relationship with tobacco.

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Campaign Concept

Stop Before You Start brings to life the unhealthy relationship young adults may find themselves in when smoking.

The campaign highlights the health and social impacts of smoking and asks young adults to “think about your relationship with tobacco”.

The aims are to increase the audience’s resistance to tobacco - including offers of cigarettes in social settings, help them understand the nature of tobacco and its harms, and increase the prevalence of pro-smokefree and anti-tobacco attitudes.


This campaign communicates with young adults 17 to 24-years-old who are at risk of taking up smoking because of social and environmental influences such as peer pressures and alcohol consumption. At-risk smokers are those that are not daily smokers but may be experimenting with (social) smoking and risk becoming established smokers.

Campaign execution

The campaign features a series of television commercials and supporting radio advertisements.

The website contains mass media content, information and tools to help young adults resist tobacco and remain smokefree.

  • All television commercials feature, with links to Facebook, Google +, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and other sharing links. 
  • There is a Get Help section that includes stop smoking advice, how to support others to be smokefree, and links to help for drug and alcohol, relationship, and other issues.
  • A facts section about tobacco and its health and social impacts is currently in development.

Online media extensions are a strong feature of this campaign, using sharable content via platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Buzzfeed and Twitter. Settings-based promotions will be used to target the places and spaces that young adults frequent. These may include clubs, cinemas, public outdoor areas, licensed bars, outdoor events, and festivals.

Page last updated: 6 Jun 2017