A brand is an identifier, a symbol that represents a set of values. 

The Smokefree/Auahi Kore brand is represented by the following:

The logo reminds people that the person wearing (or using) it supports, and is, smokefree/auahi kore.
These colours and symbols are well recognised and identified as representing the smokefree/auahi kore kaupapa.

Over the years, the brand has been adapted to represent when the smokefree/auahi kore kaupapa is used.

Download logos

To download logos or guidelines please click on the appropriate link below:

For Smokefree logos click here.

For Auahi Kore logos click here.

Smokefree and Auahi Kore logo guidelines can be found from here.

For Smokefree New Zealand Aotearoa 2025 logos click here.

For Auahi Kore New Zealand Aotearoa 2025 logos click here.

Smokfree 2025 logo guidelines can be found from here.


Page last updated: 3 Feb 2017