School resources

For management

Our Smokefree School/He Kura Auahi Kore:  A Practical Guide to Being a Smokefree Community is a practical planning tool for schools to improve their smokefree status and to encourage support from the wider school community. 

We Are Creating a Smokefree Future is a video resource (14 minutes) to inspire everyone in the school community to consider how they can promote smokefree environments and lifestyles.

Download a brochure on what schools and early childhood services need to do to comply with the Smokefree Environments Act.  

For teachers

Staying Smokefree/Te Noho Auahi Kore is a resource for teachers of years 7 and 8 students. Secondary school teachers may like to adapt the resource for use with students in years 9 and 10. It aims to develop the students’ resilience and encourage a positive attitude to being smokefree. The resource is arranged to link with The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga of Aotearoa and includes eight audio stories and story cards, full transcripts and activities, and a student journal.

This table outlines the activities and their teaching purpose and suggested learning outcomes. It contains links to the teacher guide information, the accompanying story card and audio file, and writeable studen journal PDFs for students to record their thoughts and ideas. 

This table shows how each activity links to The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga of Aotearoa. Use it to help you plan which smokefree activities to teach to suit the needs of your students. Staying Smokefree Teachers' Guide Packs resource comes with an audio CD of the stories, a set of eight laminated story cards, and reference copy of the Student Journal. Copies are available in limited numbers. Order your copy at

The Quizzler is a fun resource for your students to learn more about the benefits of being smokefree. Download and print these out or encourage your students to make their own. These are available in English and Te Reo Māori.

Double Surprise (2001) Kara's family has two reasons to celebrate: Kara's mum is having a baby and she has decided to quit smoking. Double Surprise was developed to introduce the issue of second-hand smoking to primary school classes. 

Teacher unit plans are a comprehensive set of smokefree teaching units developed by Health Promoting Schools. These units provide structured activities incorporating a range of curriculum areas, and contain templates and links to other useful resources.

The sets of the laminated story cards are available to schools by contacting

Facts and research

Read the latest fact sheets by selecting ‘Tobacco control’ in the search filter on the Health Promotion Agency’s website.

The Ministry of Youth Development has a range of useful resources and reviews of the evidence base for working with young people.

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