Hip Hop International NZ

Hip Hop is a platform for young people to grow through a shared dance experience

Smokefree is proud to have partnered in recent years with Hip Hop International NZ formally known as Street Dance NZ, sponsoring free community hip hop workshops with world class tutors along with regional and national finals competitions. 

The Smokefree sponsorship enables free community workshops to be held in a number of regions across the country to help bring new people into the dance community and spread the smokefree kaupapa. Outside of the great messaging opportunities, we know that being a part of a group and having a focus on the championship builds connectedness and resilience within the participants. The championship is a way for people of all ages to celebrate the best that New Zealand street dance has to offer, and paves a way to national and international success.


We know for a dancer to be the best they can be a smokefree lifestyle is critical, so it’s awesome to have a partnership like this that can show just what can be achieved on stage in Aotearoa.

Click on the image below to hear advice for new/young dancers and why  being smokefree is important to dancer and choreographer Indigo Sagala.

Page last updated: 15 Jul 2020