About this site

Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency is a Crown entity established under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000. The role of Te Hiringa Hauora is to inspire all New Zealanders to lead healthier lives so that we, as a country, experience better health and wellbeing, and less harm, injury and disease. Te Hiringa Hauora does this by enabling people to be more aware, motivated and able to improve and protect their own and their family’s health and wellbeing. We also work to encourage physical, social and policy environments and services that support people to led healthier lives.

The Government has a goal that New Zealand be smokefree by 2025 – with a smoking prevalence of less than 5% of the population. Te Hiringa Hauora, alongside other organisations, is working towards this goal to reduce the initiation of smoking and to increase the number of smokers who quit, particularly young adults, Māori and Pacific peoples. Te Hiringa Hauora does this through mass media campaigns, sponsorship and through supporting the tobacco control sector with a range of advice, resources, information, and tools.

Te Hiringa Hauora’s three strategic goals in tobacco control are:

  • more New Zealand young adults are smokefree
  • more smokers make an attempt to quit smoking
  • physical, social and policy environments and services better promote and protect New Zealanders from smoking-related harm.

Smokefree.org.nz has been developed to provide easy to understand and engaging content to enable and inspire all New Zealanders to live and promote a smokefree lifestyle for themselves, their whānau and their community.

Page last updated: 16 Apr 2021