Stopping Smoking

Want to stop smoking? Here’s how to get support.

Stopping Smoking

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Want to stop smoking? Here’s how to get support

Stopping smoking isn’t easy. But hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders have done it, and you can too.

We all know someone who has gone ‘cold turkey’ – they just decided to stop smoking one day and never smoked again. But the reality for many people is that quitting smoking is hard, because nicotine is so addictive. Sometimes it takes lots of tries before you finally quit. Just remember, every quit attempt is bringing you one step closer to that day when you can say

“I don’t smoke.”

Sometimes it takes lots of tries, but every quit attempt is one step closer to the day when you can say "I don't smoke".

Best ways to quit

There are better ways to quit smoking and stay off the smokes for good. There is lots of useful information and advice at including:

  • the benefits of using a free Quit Coach, and how to get in touch with them
  • information about nicotine replacement therapy and medications
  • how vaping can help people who are quitting
  • advice on how to stay quit, for example coping with stress, managing cravings and urges to smoke.

When you are on a quit journey, support from whānau, friends and work mates can make all the difference to your success. has tips on how to talk to your friends and family, and how they can help. Kia kaha

Health benefits

Stopping smoking has long-term health benefits – greatly reducing your risk of getting lung cancer, or having a heart attack or stroke.

There are immediate benefits1 too.

  • Within 20 minutes, your blood pressure, body temperature and pulse will return to normal.
  • Within eight hours, your smoker’s breath disappears, the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops and your oxygen level rises to normal.
  • Within 24 hours, your chance of a heart attack decreases.
  • Within three days, your breathing is easier and you can run without wheezing.
Page last updated: 2 Nov 2021