Auahi Kore logos

Brand guidelines on the use of the logo

In the guidelines you will find information on:

  • different logo versions, their usage and sizes
  • logo placement and minimum space requirements
  • things to avoid
  • how to use  the logo in partnership with other logos
  • acceptable colours for the logo.

Please read the brand guidelines below before you download a logo or template so that you know how to use the logo appropriately.

Download the brand guidelines on the use of the smokefree logo.

Which file type do I use?

Depending on where the logo is used, a different file type may be needed. If you aren’t sure, check with your designer or printer.

Use the table below to decide the file type you need.

Logos for downloading

To download right click on the appropriate logo and click on 'Save image as' or 'Save target as'.

Page last updated: 22 May 2017