Stop smoking services

There’s lots of support available to people who want to stop smoking. There is local face-to-face help and Quitline.

Local help to stop smoking

There are Stop Smoking Service providers located throughout New Zealand, and they can help you on your quit journey. Your local service will be able to work with you to create your quit plan, with free and flexible support. You can access your local stop smoking service information by clicking on your region below.


  • Northland

    Toki Rau stop smoking services provides free Northland wide face-to-face support which can be provided in an individual, whānau/family or group setting. They have eight sites across Tai Tokerau.

    Phone: 0508 TOKIRAU (0508 8654 728)


Auckland & Waitematā

Ready Steady Quit is the stop smoking service in Auckland & Waitematā. This face-to-face service is free to people who have decided to stop smoking.

Phone: 0800 500 601

Counties Manukau

  • Counties Manukau

    The Counties Manukau Living Smokefree Service works in partnership with community quit smoking services across the district to ensure people are offered multiple free, convenient and culturally appropriate options for ongoing support.

    Phone: 0800 569 568



  • Waikato

    The Pinnacle stop smoking service is available to smokers who live or work in the Tairawhiti and Waikato District Health Board areas.

    Phone: 0800 ONCE4ALL (0800 6623 4255)


Bay of Plenty

  • Bay of Plenty

    Hāpainga is a free service to help people in the Bay of Plenty (Western and Eastern) to quit smoking.

    Phone: 0800 HAPAINGA (0800 427 246)



The Pinnacle Stop Smoking Service is available to smokers who live or work in the Tairawhiti and Waikato District Health Board areas.

Phone: 0800 ONCE4ALL (0800 6623 4255)



The Tipu Ora Stop Smoking Service (TOSS) is a free programme providing people who smoke, their friends and whānau/family with support, advice and strategies to quit smoking.

Phone: 0800 348 2400



  • Taranaki

    The Taranaki Stop Smoking Service (TSSS) is free, confidential and can come to clients at any time - wherever they are.

    Phone: 06 759 7314


Hawke's Bay


  • Whanganui

    The stop smoking service will help people who smoke to find the best way to become smokefree and will support them along the way.

    Phone: 0800 200 249


Te Ohu Auahi Mutunga (TOAM) provides stop smoking services completely free of charge.

Phone: 0800 40 50 11


Capital and Coast, Hutt Valley & Wairarapa

Takiri Mai Te Ata is a free stop smoking service that will support clients in their journey to become smokefree.

Phone: 0800 WAN AKP (0800 926 257)

Nelson Marlborough

Nelson Marlborough Health Public Health Service offers free stop smoking support. 

Phone: 0800 NO SMOKE (0800 667 665)


West Coast

Canterbury and Chatham Islands

South Canterbury

  • South Canterbury

    South Canterbury stop smoking service provides behavioural support throughout the quitting journey. Support can be face to face, by text, by phone or by email. 

    Phone: 0800 542 527



Southern stop smoking service provides free community group clinics and one-on-one support to support clients on their journey to become smokefree.

Phone: 0800 925 242


A contacts list for all the local stop smoking services can be downloaded here.


Quitline is open 24/7 and can help you quit in a number of different ways. You can ring, email, text or do it all online. 

  • Call Quitline free on 0800 778 778. Quit Advisors work with people to make a plan. People who use Quitline's services and support are five times more likely to successfully quit than those who try to quit alone.
  • At Quitline's website, people can see how much money they are saving by quitting - there's a 'Quit Stats' tool.
  • Join Quitline's blog community for 24 hour support from people who are going through just the same trials.
  • Quitline has Facebook page at
  • Register by phone or online for the Txt2Quit service and get sent texts to motivate you as you quit. To register: text QUIT to 4006. 
  • 24/7 support for both phone and Txt2Quit services.
  • Nicotine patches, gum and lozenges can double someone's chances of successfully quitting. They are $5 each when you order them from Quitline by phone or online. The team can also give advice on other stop smoking medication options.

Homecare Medical runs Quitline and a range of national telehealth health and mental health and addictions services.

Page last updated: 11 Jan 2018