Tobacco control resources: Quality criteria framework

This framework outlines design requirements for the tobacco control sector to use when developing new resources.

The framework’s purpose and intended audience 

The purpose of the framework is to define and describe quality criteria and mandatory requirements for the development and maintenance of tobacco control resources within Aotearoa/New Zealand. The criteria are broad descriptors or markers of quality for tobacco control resources. The mandatory requirements are elements that each new resource must have, to ensure effective management of the range of tobacco control resources. The framework has been developed for those producing, commissioning and maintaining tobacco control resources.  The criteria have been developed in consultation with tobacco control sector representatives and Cognition Education.  The framework is intended to:  

  • support good development processes and the application of key health literacy principles
  • ensure appropriate stakeholder and audience engagement  
  • encourage collaborative approaches and sector efficiencies, reducing duplication of effort and resources  
  • support the development of resources that contribute to the overarching Smokefree 2025 goal.

Download the quality criteria framework summary here.

The full criteria can be found here.


Page last updated: 27 Sep 2017