Tobacco-free retailers' toolkit

Tobacco-free retailers' toolkit

The full toolkit can be downloaded below. In the toolkit you will find information and templates to assist you and your communities to engage with your local tobacco retailers to become tobacco-free.

The following resources have been developed to assist you to engage with your local community and encourage public support.

  • Tobacco-free retailers toolkit

  • Tobacco-free retailer poster

    You can use the poster in a number of places in your community to raise awareness. This may include: shop windows community noticeboards advertisements in your local newspapers newsletters Facebook/websites mail outs/flyers.
  • Tobacco-free retailer postcard

    The postcard can be used by your community to show their support for their local retailer to go tobacco-free. This may include: mail campaign drop box at local events or Expos.
Page last updated: 15 Feb 2022