World Smokefree Day videos

World Smokefree Day videos

These five videos showcase different ways that New Zealand is working towards becoming a smokefree nation. You can post these videos on Facebook, embed them onto a website, into a presentation, or play them on the screen in the waiting room.  There are three options for accessing the videos:

  • Download the video file. This is a good option if you would like to post the video on Facebook because the video will auto play in Facebook feeds and your readers do not have to click through to Vimeo or YouTube to watch the video. The video files are large though - so you will want to do this on a good internet connection.
  • Vimeo or
  • YouTube

Whether you choose Vimeo or YouTube is personal preference. From either platform you can quickly and easily share the videos, either individually or as a collection. You can use the links to embed the videos into presentations, or you can auto-play all six one after the other, or in a continuous loop.

You can access all six videos via Vimeo by clicking here,  via YouTube by clicking here, or you can download each individual video file below.

If you would like to see the subtitles when viewing the videos in either YouTube or Vimeo, click on the "cc" button in the menu along the bottom of the video.

You may also like to check out the "In Our Home and "In Our Whare" videos.

Page last updated: 9 Mar 2020